The Shadowpakt
Members of The Shadowpakt

The Shadowpakt is the first, prototype quest in the PILLS universe.

In this quest, an entity known as The Shadowpak has materialized in Chainspace, seeking to initiate and sustain The Cycle: A process of finding, acquiring, hoarding and/or burning PAK pieces for the $ASH token, and then replacing them with Shadowpak derivitives.

The Cycle

  1. Raise ETH
  2. Buy PAKs
  3. Burn PAKs
  4. Earn $ASH
  5. Remake PAKs
  6. As Shadowpaks
  7. Sell Shadowpaks
  8. Earn ETH
  9. Buy PAKs
  10. Burn Paks
  11. Repeat
The Shadowpak ● A major character

The Shadowpak has begun initiating willing members into The Shadowpakt, a DAO intended to initiate and maintain The Cycle. What will they decide to do?

  • Collect and burn as many of Pak's "cubes" as possible?

  • Acquire PAK pieces, hold them "hostage" and then release Shadowpak-equivalents in their place?

  • Fork and vampire attack the $ASH token?

Will the members of the Pakt act selflessly, without reward? Or seek to profit from their actions? Will they decide to restrict membership? Or open it up? Could they try and engage with PAK itself?

These are a handful of the many questions and open paths available to the Shadowpakt quest participants.

Become initiated

Interested in joining the Pakt? The Shadowpak currently seeks one of the following for entry:

  1. Purchase a Shadowpak pill for 1ETH
  2. Trade 2 cubes
  3. Or trade 1 cube and 0.5ETH

Once acquired, DM Shadowpak in the PILLS discord to begin the initiation.

Remember: All funds raised go directly into a shared treasury owned and governed collectively by the Shadowpakt membership via Snapshot.


What are PILLS?

PILLS are crypto-collectibles containing a character, artifact, entity or object from the PILLS universe.

What is "PILLS Story Mode"

In PILLS Story Mode, we're co-creating an entire narrative universe on-chain in collaboration with our core creative team, the PILLS community and different projects and protocols on Ethereum. You can read more about it here.

What are quests?

Quests are interactive on-chain experiences setup to explore and develop characters, locations and factions in the PILLS universe.

Currently, each quest narrative is designed by the Core Creative Team, with quest participants then determining how the quest ultimately unfolds.

The outcome of each quest and the decisions made by the quest participants shape the lore of the universe and are recorded in the canonical Story Mode site.

Why quests?

Quests enable a call-and-response collaboration between the Core Creative Team and quest participants. It lets us empower the community to shape the narrative universe and maintain narrative consistency at the same time.

The collaborative and open-ended nature of the quest format also offers a more accessible and engaging approach to narrative development than seeking traditional creative writing submissions from the community.

Plus being on-chain means we can experiment with composing different projects and protocols together - often in new ways - to create different types of "gameplay".

Can I help run quests?

Yes! We're actively looking to collaborate with community members interested in becoming "Quest Masters" to come up with compelling quests that explore different parts of the universe. Just join the discord and raise your hand in the #quests channel.

Where can I learn more?

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